Sunday, 2 September 2012

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

Surprised medal didn't melt!
Over two months ago, I wrote my second post stating that I had entered the Great Scottish Run half marathon for my second year running. In the summer months I began to start taking my training seriously again with the help of an amazing friend and her personal training expertise. After listening to her advice I decided to switch from the half marathon to a 10k as it would be more achievable for me to train for a shorter distance while not disrupting my weekly training.

After receiving an email from my sister asking if I would like to enter the Clapham Common 10k my competitiveness took over and I couldn't say no. Unfortunately for me, Sunday 19th August turned out to be one of the hottest days on record! Waking up to 30 degrees heat was not ideal and I was nervous to say the least. Fair haired, peely wally and as many know I like to get my "sweat on" I was not looking forward to the challenge ahead. Aiming for under 50 minutes I finished the race in 52mins 42secs. I was disappointed although at the same time was happy to have not passed out from heat exhaustion! The course was full of turns and bends, different terrain and so it was not a straight forward road race but enjoyable to run in a well known area of London.
 Finish line!
My attention then turned to the Great Scottish Run 10k today and wanting to better my time and reach my goal. Setting off from George Square up St Vincent Street, I tried to ease myself into a good tempo in the first ten minutes. To be honest I wasn't feeling particularly great but I hit the half way mark in just under 25 minutes so I was on track for running under 50 minutes. Lots of different thoughts flash through my head while running but I thought this is my opportunity to  prove to myself that I can do it. Each kilometre from then on I was tracking my time and passing each marker in under 5 minutes. The final kilometre was a battle to the finish line in which I crossed in 48 minutes!
Tomorrow I will be able to find out my official time in the Sun newspaper but nonetheless this is the fastest time I have completed a 10k race. It has proven to me that my hard work over the summer in the gym, out in the field and on the road has paid off so far. It has only encouraged me even more to keep improving and pursue my dreams.
Let me know if you joined in the Great Scottish Run today or yesterday or have participated in a race recently? Feel free to comment below!!

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