Friday, 8 June 2012

Olympic Torch - a piece of history

Here she comes!
Touch down from a relaxing week in the Portuguese sun, I was soon reminded by family to check out the street party being held in our area that day. Festivities not for the Diamond Jubilee but for the passing of the Olympic Torch through Giffnock. All ready to go, I got into my car, turned on the engine and my car sort of slumped!! Left back wheel unable to function, I had to ditch that plan, break into a jog and join the hurrying families moving towards the Olympic stretch. 
Crowds lining the streets
I swear in my life, I have never ever seen such big crowds in Giffnock.  There was a sense of excitement and anticipation expressed by a variety of ages but in particular the children. Myself and my cousins positioned ourselves up high on a garden wall awaiting the arrival of the parade.  First to appear were the enthusiastic sponsors attempting to get the reserved southside residents wooping. Typically the biggest response was heard when a City Sprinter occupied by a confused passenger made its way through the crowds on his bus route home!
The moment came as the girl with the flame arrived, beaming with pride to pass the message on to the following torch bearer. An experience I will never witness in my life time again in my own country let a lone my own neighbourhood. Raring to go, Hannah set off on her Olympic path welcomed with a warm reception. 
I could not help but feel extremely jealous of this moment she had been given and wished it could have been me! My coach had been given this same opportunity which soon made me understand the amount of hard work and dedication he has given to sport to achieve such a honour. Another torch bearer, a talented friend of mine who has had to overcome severe leg injuries to get back onto the ski slopes, again highlighting the desire and courage this torch represents.
This Friday afternoon is one I will never forget and I will cherish it as me being a small part of the London 2012 Olympics!

Passing on the flame

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