Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Take Two- better get running!

Procrastination appears to be at its best from my dissertation research and job searches. I can already feel the sickness and butterflies appearing in my stomach on the start line- why do you always get this before a race even if it is just for fun. I'm not too sure I can call the Great Scottish Run fun but definitely rewarding nonetheless.

Last year's race seems a life time ago, 2hrs 2mins was my finishing time which I felt was pretty impressive after a year of baguettes, croissants et beaucoup du vin rouge à Lyon. The picture below depicts desperation to reach the nearing finishing line tinged with agonising feet on fire! However, my entry form has been sent off and now its time to mentally prepare myself to get in shape for the 13. something miles in under 3 months time! 

First stop= training schedule

This is where I need some help from you- if anyone has any tips on surviving long runs and useful training schedules- leave me a comment!!

2011 Great Scottish Run

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