Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lance Armstrong revisited.

Previously on my blog, I wrote of Lance Armstrong as one of my greatest living legends in sport. Unfortunately, these feelings have been somewhat quashed and I doubt they shall ever return. Indeed, this piece proves difficult to write.
A month ago, when reading the headline of Tom Englishs' article in the Scotland on Sunday,  I thought this quote summed up Armstrongs' behaviour from the Oprah interview:
"Armstrong said he was sorry and would spend the rest of his life making amends but that rang false.  He came across as a man who reserved his greatest regret for the fact that he got caught."
Indeed, I feel he failed to show real remorse for the people he appears to have bullied, ridiculed and forcefully acted against for accusing him of cheating throughout his cycling career. In addition, it appears that he continues to find it difficult to tell the truth.  
As this story continues to unfold in the public eye, the claims against Armstong continue to grow.  How were these voices not heard before? 
Sometimes, I still have to pinch myself that this story is actually real. A cheat, a liar and a bully. What are your thoughts and opinions? 

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