Saturday, 9 March 2013

First article in the P & J

Last month, I gained a week of work with a leading Scottish paper as a 'news desk reporter' and absolutely loved it!  Never before have I properly worked in an office 9-5 so when I first stepped into it, I was slightly overwhelmed.  Although soon the people around me made me feel a lot more comfortable and my experience was under way.
Ideally, I was hoping to work in journalism dealing with some sort of sports coverage but any time spent in this type of profession is going to be a great learning opportunity. Throughout the week I was approached to do different tasks and travel on out of office trips! One day reporting in court the next in the council offices and most impressively my own piece in the paper itself!
From the help and support of the staff around me I attempted to write my own article. As you can see below, it was on an extremely cool topic with some awesome pictures to start my research. Speaking with the client on the phone, preparing questions and attempting to gain as much information for my final piece was daunting but really rewarding.
My week in the office has made me hungry for more similar experience however I'm not sure I can sit inside 9-5! Perhaps, I will have to get used to it as our world is evermore technologically driven but I much prefer getting out of office and stuck into on a story!

Star reporter!

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